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Park City, Utah
Wine in Park City

Wine in Park City. . .do as the Parkites do!

Wine in Park City. . .do what we do!  Get out and drink some wine!  Park City is a fabulous town with tons of things to do and lots of fun wine experiences!  Fox School of Wine located in lower Deer Valley needs to be at the TOP of your agenda!  FSOW offers classes every Saturday at the Silver Baron Lodge in the wintertime until April 1st.  See the current schedule here.

Here’s what we’ve got going on for the rest of 2017:

  • December 23Christmas Wines to Impress – SOLD OUT
  • December 23Mines & Wines Tour – Only 5 seats left (remember to use the code “LoyalStudent” to receive $40 off each ticket!)
  • December 30 – Choice WWS – Pop the Cork! All Bubbles!!* $39/person
  • December 30Mines & Wines Tour – 8 seats left (use “LoyalStudent” code for discount)

* Professor Martin will be serving bubbles from all over the world, including the region most famous for bubbles: Champagne, France! Have fun and taste with us, then get to the liquor store for your fave! (Student reminder: ALL liquor stores will be closed on New Year’s Eve! Don’t procrastinate. Buy your wines on Dec. 30 or end up bubble-less at midnight!)

Grades from 12/16/17 Famous Grapes of Italy class

  • Vinchio Vaglio Serra Barbera 2016, Piedmont, $11.00 = B
  • Italo Pietrantonj 2013 Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Abruzzo, $13.00 = B-
  • Querce Seconda 2009 Chianti Classico Riserva, Tuscany, $20.00 = B
  • Fatalone Primitivo 2011 Riserva, Puglia, $22.00 = B+
  • Principiano Ferdinando Barolo 2012 Serralunga, Piedmont, $39.00 = A-

Final reminder for any last minute Christmas shoppers: click the button below for the “Hint, Hint” letter you can leave around the house for someone to give you a gift certificate! Or forward this email with this handy link to our school store.


Miss Fox and the faculty of Fox School of Wine


Class is held appropriately from 6-7pm to allow you to make dinner reservations at 7:30 or so.  But don’t be late!  The teachers have a strict tardy policy and you don’t want to find out what the embarrassing policy is for late students!  Additionally if you get caught talking or being naughty, detention will be assigned!  But don’t worry if you are a star pupil you certainly will be rewarded for your above average behavior!

Classes size are small (around 25 people) which makes for a small student to teacher ratio:)  Class participation is highly encouraged and questions vary from standard 101 level to Master class questions in which even the most knowledgeable student might find interesting!

Wine in Park City

Kirsten Fox, owner of Fox School of Wine, offers a fun & educational Wine in Park City experience.  Not only is it something fund and different to do after a day of skiing, it’s educational too!  “Headmistress Fox, Executive Sommelier and Certified Specialist of Wine, and her faculty, have a knack for making wine education understandable, enjoyable and insightful. With a “no student left behind” policy, you will have “aha” moments with each lesson, no matter your level.”

In addition to the Weekend Wine Series (Sautrday’s classes) FSOW offers Mines & Wines, A Table of 12, Sommelier Services, Corporate Events & Home Education.  No matter which is the perfect fit of you, you are sure to receive a fabulous education!

And as all good professors do, Mrs. Fox has written her own book!  The Profitable Wine List available on Amazon.  “This book is a resource for the independent, hard-working restaurateur or manager who needs a framework, a system, a path that keeps wine from sucking energy and money down the drain. Discover how to create a wine list, key steps to server wine-sales training, and the foundation for serving a great wine product in your restaurant. Find resources, some free and some low-cost, that will assist you in taking control of this profit center.”

No matter what your “Wine in Park City” adventure looks like, be sure to checkout Fox School of Wine.


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